About Our Workshops

At every workshop, you will …


… LEARN. Workshops are more specialized than themed retreats. Instruction is provided for a specific project or a particular set of skills during the full-day workshop. Learning goals and activities are clearly stated for each workshop.


… PLAY. Every event at REC Retreats is planned so participants can be in the moment and simply have fun.


… CREATE NEW FRIENDSHIPS. Participants at REC Retreats are curious and personable; the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. REC workshops are conducive to meeting new people and making new friends.


… AWAKEN CREATIVITY. Experiment with new equipment or try an unfamiliar activity. Equipment and materials will be available for you to investigate!


REC Workshops are one-day workshops that provide everything needed for participants to learn, play, create and relax in the warmth of the REC community.
Pamper yourself! Included in every workshop:

  • delicious, catered lunch and snacks
  • skilled instruction
  • all materials
  • access to equipment
  • studio time
  • chair massage


COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION: Every REC Event “gives back” to the community. Participants bring a little something extra as part of the event fee. These materials are donated to Lummi Island community organizations, or other non-profit organizations in neighboring communities such as the Lummi Nation, Ferndale or Bellingham.


See REC Workshops for upcoming events.