My Story

My story …

… I’m a teacher. I’ve been a teacher, of some sort, since I can first remember. I’ve been a swim coach, a ski instructor, a PE teacher. I was a camp counselor and my longest-running “gig” was that of an elementary school teacher. Dreaming up creative ways to teach a concept “fills my cup”… I get a rush every time a student has an “aha” moment… I celebrate when my classroom gels into a community…

I recently resigned my 7th grade teaching position. I cried on my last day with students in June. I felt an emptiness knowing that my marvelous colleagues were meeting to organize the new school year without me. I immediately missed regular communication with “my” families (students & parents).

It then occurred to me – I don’t need to stop teaching. I can still dream up creative activities. I can still witness “aha” moments. I can still facilitate positive relationships between people. REC Retreats was joyfully born.

I am an expert in only a few things, but I am an enthusiast in many. My expertise includes connecting people to people and people to resources. (I’m also an expert at changing cloth diapers, but I find that isn’t relevant in most situations.) I’m an enthusiastic farmer, artist, hostess, builder, reader, writer, wife, mother, friend, teacher, and student. During retreats and workshops, I lead activities as well as provide support while other experts share their skills.

REC Retreats is located on Lummi Island, Washington, in the San Juan archipelago. Lummi Island is magic – visitors and residents agree! When a person feels the magic for the first time, it is special to witness (like a student’s “aha moment”). One intuitive woman felt so strongly connected to the island that she cried happy tears shortly after arriving.

With the help of talented professionals and enthusiasts, I lead weekend retreats and one-day workshops. Retreats and workshops are themed, and offer activities and projects related to the featured topic.

Running REC retreats allows me to create, teach, learn, share this magical island, meet new people, and build a larger community for myself and others.



Founder and Fanciful Facilitator

REC Retreats