You are warmly invited to participate in any of the retreats or workshops you see listed on the website. Check out upcoming retreats, upcoming workshops or the event calendar

At every event, you will…



… CREATE NEW FRIENDSHIPS. Whether you come by yourself, or come with a friend, you connect with interesting people. Building a sense of belonging and community is important at REC Retreats events. Enrollment is limited, allowing participants to become acquainted quickly and to form genuine friendships.


… LEARN. Retreats are themed - select your retreat and you are selecting a collection of activities likely to be of interest to you. (Each retreat is unique and activities will vary.) You are welcome to participate in every single activity, or you can sit a few out and enjoy the view instead. If you really like to stay busy, the studio will likely be open all night long (although you may be the only night owl taking advantage of it!)

One-day workshops are focused, and the specific activities are described in detail on our website. (There are usually overnight options so you can create your own getaway!)





… AWAKEN CREATIVITY. Clearing your mind of everyday worries helps open a space for thinking creatively. The ferry ride to Lummi Island transports you to a slower pace and a tranquil place, making it easier to put your everyday concerns on hold.

Make friends and start thinking outside of the box right away. Participate in activities as soon as you arrive to help you break through social and creative barriers. 






… PLAY. Every retreat is playful, but some retreats specialize in old-fashioned fun and games and are specifically designed to remind adults how to simply play. When is the last time you played? 



Indulge! Every REC retreat is all-inclusive

  • two nights deluxe lodging at REC Retreats
  • five delicious, locally-catered meals
  • two happy hours
  • expert instruction
  • all materials and equipment
  • studio time
  • hot tubs and campfires
  • wine tasting at the local Artisan wine gallery*
  • massage at a local studio* 

* optional at additional participant cost

Every workshop includes 

  • a delicious, locally-catered lunch
  • expert instruction
  • materials and equipment
  • studio time
  • deluxe overnight lodging

* optional at additional participant cost

We LOve our Island COMMUNITY

Every REC Event "gives back" to the community. We give a little something, and encourage participants to bring something extra, as part of the event fee. Money or materials are donated to Lummi Island community organizations, or other non-profit organizations in neighboring communities such as the Lummi Nation, Ferndale or Bellingham.

Click here to see the REC Retreats calendar for upcoming retreats.


REC retreat prices vary. Please refer to the specific event page for pricing and "Community Contribution."

Guaranteed private room: Add $115-$150 to the retreat price.

If there are no guests reserving a private room, these rooms will be assigned based on the order in which guests registered.

Frugal friends can score big savings if willing to share a king or queen bed with a good friend. Save $75 each!


Retreat payment: Deposit and payment schedules vary by retreat. Please check the description on your registration material. Retreat prices are based on shared accommodations with 1-3 roommates. Private rooms available.


Retreat cancellation policy: Cancellation policy varies by retreat. Please read about the policy on your registration material.

Gift certificates available!

All retreats require a minimum of 5 participants. 100% refund if event is cancelled due to low enrollment.