Tender Loving Care is what you’ll receive during this retreat, as you learn to write everything from memoirs and non-fiction to short stories and creative fiction. Tammy L. Coia brings her extensive experience to Lummi Island where you’ll have plenty of private writing time for journaling and working on your own projects.

The weekend will be dedicated to women joining together to explore their voyage. The workshops will help you identify the vital elements of your inner life and write about them. In the process of examining and writing together, you are likely to discover previously unrecognized dimensions in your life. Recognize the things in life that matter most to you. Gain perspective on relationships between the events and people in your life. 

Writing time will be balanced with time for relaxation, introspection, solitude and friendship. You’ll join our ever growing community of talented women writers with something to say. 

About Tammy

Tammy Coia has been a speaker, author, teacher, curriculum and writing consultant for over two decades. Tammy's motivational and reflective seminars and classes have made her one of the elite teachers in the memoir writing field. She is the President and founder of TLC Writing Workshops, an international company providing programs and products that turn memories and words into meaningful memoirs.



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Prefer some privacy? Reserve one of the two private rooms ahead of time. 

  • The deluxe Mt. Baker Room has a king bed, fireplace, balcony, 32" tv and a stunning view of the sunrise over the mountains. +$150
  • The cozy Writer’s Room has a full-size antique brass bed and oak rocker. There is a built-in desk if you hope to do some journaling during your retreat. +$115