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There is actually science behind making beautiful cookies: discover shortcuts, gather tips and take home recipes. Discover tricks to making cut-out cookies that keep their shape as they bake; learn the "topcoat", “outline” and “flood” techniques to create cutout cookies with a glossy, smooth icing finish; practice icing techniques to create swirls, shapes and designs.

REC Retreats provides the cookies, and during this workshop, you get get hands-on practice decorating personalized, bakery-style cookies to share or give as gifts.  (These can sell for up to $54/dozen online!) 

A participant from the 2017 Cookie Clinic had this to say, "Sure I had fun but I learned a tremendous amount of cool techniques and test-kitchen science. For those of us who like to “color within the lines”, we learned that cookie recipes with the least leavening agents tend to be the most predictable in retaining their cookie cutter shape after baking. We learned about the strengths and challenges of various icing techniques, and methods for creating the flawlessly frosted cookie. For those of us who just wanted to go nuts with a frosting cornet (paper cone), we had ample opportunity to pursue our inner Jackson Pollock."

'Tis the season - we will be enjoying twinkle lights on the tree and soft holiday music, but you can choose to decorate your cookies with, or without, a holiday theme. Learning the technique allows you to create beautiful cookies for any holiday. 

You are invited to stay after the workshop for a mug of hot chocolate (and cookies). Slow down a bit during this busy season - visit with new friends in front of the fire.

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Kid Friendly

Most REC Retreat events are for adults, but a few are perfect for both children and adults. Children are welcome with a chaperone!

COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION: 5% of participant fees will be donated to the “Milk Money” program at the Bellingham Food Bank. For more information, please see  Additional donations gratefully accepted.

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Fee includes 1 dozen cookies, all icing materials, spiced cider, tea and hot chocolate.

PLEASE NOTE: Dietary restrictions and requirements will not be accommodated during this workshop, but you are invited to join us and learn the techniques to take home and use with your special recipes.