CULTIVATE, verb /ˈkəltəˌvāt/   

to improve by labor, care, or study: “cultivate the mind”

Cultivate your mind and find more clarity, connection and confidence in your work.

Professional coach, Shelly Jackson Buffington, will be your guide as you journey to find that clarity, connection and confidence. Shelly helps business owners and professionals discover more meaning in the work they do, and find more mindful, intentional opportunities to connect effectively with their audiences.

During this powerful weekend retreat you'll:

  • receive a one-on-one strategy session with a business and brand coach, Shelly Jackson Buffington.
  • connect with other inspired business owners.
  • develop a self-care toolkit to help you manage stress.
  • participate in a Forest Bath, a guided contemplative nature walk to help you deeply connect to your work and creativity.
  • learn about implementing sustainable systems to streamline work.
  • develop intentional goal-setting to maximize your productivity.
  • craft purposeful content about your brand to share with your audience.
  • build your unique narrative to better position your brand in your industry.
  • find more ease in your work and feel better doing what you love.

Every REC Retreat is ALL-INCLUSIVE:

More about Shelly Jackson Buffington

Inspired by mindfulness, contemplative walking, creative writing and self-inquiry, Shelly works primarily as a business coach. She also speaks, writes and coaches about living well while living with chronic pain or illness. The marriage of the two results in a gentle coaching approach to self-care and living and working with intention and authenticity.

from 750.00
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Prefer some privacy? Reserve one of the two private rooms ahead of time. 

  • The deluxe Mt. Baker Room is the place to be pampered. This room has a king bed, fireplace, balcony, 32" tv and a stunning view of the sunrise over the mountains. If you are looking for luxury, choose this space. +$150
  • The cozy Writer’s Room is soothing and peaceful - with a full-size antique brass bed and a vintage oak rocker, it feels as if you are visiting Grandma. If journaling is a big part of your self-care, the desk in this room will be a bonus. +$115