Imagine being surrounded by supportive women, in a sacred, safe space, who are coaching you to discover your unique direction, building your confidence in your own intuition, encouraging you to move forward with certainty, and believing in you so you can trust yourself.

Be enveloped in the caring, compassionate community created by Christina Miglino and Sara Holodnick during this weekend retreat designed specifically for women ready to stand in power, together.

We need clarity to bring our unique light to the world.

Activities are carefully constructed to help participants: 

  • connect to their inner wisdom
  • feel confident taking action from a place of power
  • intuitively connect to the earth through the elements
  • gain a deeper sense of clarity for their lives' vision
  • use tools like the tarot to find that clarity
  • create purposeful action
  • connect to spirit through ritual and ceremony

After this transformative weekend, return home with:

  • intuitive tarot reading skills for self-reflection and clarity.
  • resources for how to open space for contemplative practice and ceremony in your life in accessible ways
  • a deeper understanding of your personal relationship with the elements
  • a continued connection to, and support from, your new community of powerful women
  • an optional, sacred, hand-poked tattoo
  • a take-home Ritual Kit

We need each other.

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About Christina

Christina Miglino is a Soul Catalyst and Shamanista, who has traveled all over the U.S. and Canada as a Teacher, Healer and Public Speaker. She has hosted many workshops on empowerment on the West Coast. As an intuitive handpoke tattoo artist, Christina loves to incorporate tattooing into these teachings of initiation for empowering women.                                                                     

Christina is passionate about supporting women in upleveling their soul’s ascension process, stepping into their power and listening more to their intuition so that they can have the life and business that they were meant for. 

She is currently leading a Soul Provider Mentorship Program for visionary women seeking to activate their soul’s potential. To learn more about Christina, visit 


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About Sara

Sara Holodnick is a writer, a tarot reader, a cocktail developer, an artist, a creative schemer and a mentor.

She’s passionate about the ways people share and receive stories, and how we use them to make sense of our lives. It’s that passion for story that led her to create the Sweet/Nothing Oracle: A poetry-based deck of cards that offer boundless opportunities for self-reflection, creativity, and divination. Learn more about her work at 

We need space to hear and trust ourselves.

You will start your spiritual journey to a sacred space by taking a physical journey to Lummi Island, a land considered sacred by many of her inhabitants, both past and present. The sense of community on the island is strong, where islanders are devoted both to their personal well-being as well as the well-being of those around them. Meet a new community of strong women similarly dedicated to your collective well-being. You belong here.

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Lummi Island

is part of the San Juan Islands archipelago, located just south of the Canadian border. It's a stunning drive from: 

Bellingham 15 miles

Seattle 113 miles

Vancouver 43 miles 

Portland 221 miles

Never underestimate a woman in her power.