Bequeath love and affection and forgiveness and gratitude…

An ethical will (sometimes called a “legacy letter”) is a document designed to pass ethical values from one generation to the next. “The generic purpose of the ethical will is to pass on wisdom and love to future generations. Writing can include family history and cultural and spiritual values; blessings and expressions of love for, pride in, hopes and dreams for children and grandchildren; life-lessons and wisdom of life experience; and requests for forgiveness for regretted actions.” (Wikipedia)

During this extraordinary Writer’s Workshop, you will start to write love letters to your friends and family. You can share the letters now (or “leave them behind”) to let your family and friends know that you cherish each of them and why.  Who do you need to write to?  What are the dreams you wish for them?  What family traditions do you hope they will remember?  What would you like for them to value and hold dear? What are those things you wish you could have said to those who are no longer a part of your world?

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Ethical wills are not legal documents; they do not distribute wealth and belongings. They are heartfelt expressions of what truly matters most to an individual.

A handwritten ethical will may be one of the most precious and lasting gifts you can bestow upon your loved ones.

Deep human needs can be addressed by writing ethical wills. We need to be known, understood, and remembered. We need to make a difference, to bless and be blessed, and to celebrate life.

Tammy Coia sensitively guides participants through the ethical will writing process. She creates a safe and supportive environment in which members of the group trust one another, share their writing and feel confident that it will be received with compassion. (Although sharing is always optional!)

During writing time, participants can spread out for privacy. Choose your ideal, quiet writing space - stretch out in the large window seat, set up a laptop at a desk or table, or recline in an overstuffed chair in front of the fire.

Lunch, snacks, beverages, dessert. You will be using a lot of energy thinking, writing, feeling. Take a break for a locally-sourced lunch, enjoy new friends (and confidants) and refuel for the afternoon.

REC Retreats is conveniently located to Vancouver and Portland and everywhere in between.

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About Tammy

Tammy Coia has been a speaker, author, teacher, curriculum and writing consultant for over two decades. Tammy's motivational and reflective seminars and classes have made her one of the elite teachers in the memoir writing field. She is the president and founder of TLC Writing Workshops, an international company providing programs and products that turn memories and words into meaningful memoirs.

Tammy leads international writing retreats and is a guest teacher at writing events across the U.S. and Canada.

Tammy is pictured with Kjerstin, owner of REC Retreats. Their collaboration has resulted in several extraordinary writing experiences at REC Retreats.

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