Elena Salazar: “I invite you to join me in gathering together for a womb-healing ritual for women that have experienced an abortion. Create time and space to join a supportive group of women to grieve our unborn children, to forgive ourselves, and to release our wounds. Together, rediscover our wholeness.“

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Elena Salazar

Rev. Elena Salazar has 22 years of experience in healing and energy work and practices as a licensed Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. She has lived with indigenous Peruvian shamans, learning their way of healing. Elena works with an altar, ritual, meditation, prayer, and intentions; she expresses loving respect for the earth, herself, others, and the spirit world. Her passion is to heal the wounds that bind us and to help her clients understand that pure love and light is found within us all.

This is a by-donation event - please consider making a Solstice Offering.

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