According to one study, the typical cellphone user:

  • touches his or her phone 2,617 time every day

  • checks his or her phone 46 times per day

  • spends over 4 hours a day on the phone

Can you relate to the feeling of discomfort when there isn’t a charged phone or tablet within easy reach? The dependency on social media, access to devices, and a functioning internet is a growing problem for many people. Does technology interfere with your quality of life? Take this quick, 12-question Digital Distraction Test 

TAKE A TIME-OUT. A TECHNOLOGY TIME-OUT ...  If you feel as if your devices control you, and not the other way around, consider this weekend retreat a form of “detox”. There are a host of reasons to take a technology time-out. Excessive use of digital devices can result in: isolation, obesity, depression, insomnia, stress, tendonitis, decreased social skills, shortened attention span, lack of empathy, and other concerning symptoms. 

Join other like-minded, curious women this weekend and interrupt the cycle of over-use: learn a collection of new and unusual skills, play engaging games and participate in old-fashioned pastimes to distract you from the digital devices that demand our daily attention. Power down - it won’t be easy, but it will be FUN!

What you can expect before the retreat:

  • receive materials to communicate with others that you will be offline for the weekend

  • obtain emergency contact information so loved ones have a way to contact you if necessary

  • sign-up for preferred activities (final activity menu provided upon registration)

What you can expect during the retreat:

  • turn over your devices for safekeeping (the hard part)

  • enjoy a chair massage

  • learn behaviors to help you break the cycle of digital dependency

  • receive tips, tools and strategies to manage technology in an intentional manner, on your own terms

  • reignite your passions

  • find peace in moments of silence

  • reconnect with interests and goals

  • acquire new skills

  • build relationships and become more comfortable in conversation (there are even provided activities to help foster this!)

  • PLAY

What you can expect after the retreat:

  • possess greater insight about your relationship with your devices

  • leave with a defined plan for your mindful future relationship with technology

  • use your journal to remind yourself of your emotional/physical tech-free reflections of well-being

  • revisit goals and action plans you established during the weekend

  • refer to a guide book with an arsenal of apps to streamline (and decrease) the amount of time you spend online

  • maintain more balance in your life using tools and strategies discussed during the retreat

  • introduce family or friends to a game to build interpersonal connections (take-home version of the game is our gift to you)

I'm ready to digitally detox!
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This weekend retreat will allow you to take a "time-out" from your routine. REC Retreats will provide instruction and materials for a variety of creative activities, or you can custom design your own weekend.

You can participate in as many (or as few) activities as you wish. You may prefer to spend your weekend sitting next to the cozy fire and reading a paperback cover-to-cover. (No e-readers!) Sign up for some or all of the activities. Use the huge DIY studio to spread out your current art project, or perhaps dust off your journal and continue working on your memoir. Maybe you would rather explore the island's many hiking trails. The annual Holiday Lummi Island Artist Studio Tour is scheduled for this weekend - visit the studios, talk with the artists (and maybe even do a little holiday shopping.)


This is recreational, self-care, wellness retreat - it is not meant to be therapeutic program. The event will introduce you to (or remind you of) alternative activities and interests. We hope to reconnect you to your passions and goals, allowing you to prioritize how you spend your time once you return to technology.

Every REC Retreat is ALL-INCLUSIVE:

  • delicious, locally-sourced meals, snacks and beverages

  • two nights deluxe accommodations at REC Retreats

  • wine tasting at local Artisan Wine Gallery

  • activities, materials and instruction

Lummi aerial jpg.png

Lummi Island

is part of the San Juan Islands archipelago, located just south of the Canadian border. It's a stunning drive from:

Bellingham 15 miles

Seattle 113 miles

Vancouver 43 miles

Portland 221 miles

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Do you have a cell phone you are no longer using? Please bring it to the retreat, and it will be donated to the local branch of Cell Phones for Soldiers. Cell Phones For Soldiers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active-duty military members and veterans. Learn more at Donations for calling cards also gratefully accepted.

Participants share a room with 1-3 other people.  Prefer some privacy? Reserve one of the two private rooms ahead of time. 

  • The deluxe Mt. Baker Room has a king bed, fireplace, balcony and a stunning view of the sunrise over the mountains. +$150

  • The cozy Writer’s Room has a full-size antique brass bed and oak rocker. There is a built-in desk if you hope to do some writing during your retreat. +$115

Digital Detox Weekend Retreat
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retreat (shared room):
Reserve a private room
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Reserve private room