Connect to the wisdom of your heart and your womb.

Experience the power of your pleasure and sex.

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How free do you feel to fully express your heart through your voice, your body, your energy and your sexuality?

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Michele Brookhaus and Elena Salazar are kind, present, sensitive and experienced facilitators who will open up authentic conversations about about pleasure, desire, and sex and how they connect us back to our bodies . . .  back to our hearts . . . back to our knowing.

Join them in a serene island setting where they craft an intimate and safe space for you and a small group of like-minded women to discover your YES!


We believe in the power and potency of the feminine.

We believe that when women gather they are a force.

Women are a force … a force for good in the world, and a force for healing each other. This gathering encourages exploration into our deep knowing, and provides a safe container for women to explore their pleasure, sensuality and sexuality.

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About Elena

Rev. Elena Salazar has 22 years of experience in healing and energy work and practices as a licensed Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. She has lived with indigenous Peruvian shamans, learning their way of healing. Elena works with an altar, ritual, meditation, prayer, and intentions; she expresses loving respect for the earth, herself, others, and the spirit world. Her passion is to heal the wounds that bind us and to help her clients understand that pure love and light is found within us all.

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About Michele

Michele Brookhaus RSHom(NA), CCH is a classically trained homeopath in practice for over 20 years. Her toolbox also includes the energetic healing modality, ReConnective Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Health, and Business Coaching. She is an itinerant writer and the inspired creator of Yoni Bliss, a homeopathic lubricating gel. She loves salsa dancing, laughing and swimming in the ocean.

Are YOU desiring to receive these benefits?

  • find your tribe

  • relax and recharge

  • learn from other women

  • unwind your nervous system

  • gain confidence in your ability to express your desires

  • magnetically attract your chosen experiences

  • move past the feeling of being “stuck”

  • feel nurtured, safe, loved, heard, seen, felt, understood

You may especially benefit from this event if:

  • You desire to nourish your heart

  • You desire to heal your womb

  • You want to experience more pleasure in your body.

  • You want to allow pleasure to influence your day to day

  • You live in a masculine world and don’t give yourself time to sink into your deep feminine self

  • You pamper yourself with pedicures and wear clothes that you love, but you don’t always allow yourself to feel that internal voice that calls for more.

  • Life, medications or surgery have gotten you down.

  • You want to feel the stirrings of your Yoni (abode) and create your life from there.

  • Sex itself has become uninteresting to you.

  • You recognize menopause as a powerful passage to what’s next.

Some surveys suggest that 60 - 80 % of women put sex last on their list or find it dissatisfying in some way. Women entering, or living in, menopause are particularly prone to disinterest. Why is that? Let’s explore that. Change that. Together.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, or just have too much to do?

During this transformative weekend retreat:

discover and celebrate your Pleasure Goddess

move our bodies in a variety of ways (we promise fun here)

awaken all your senses

eat succulent, lucious food

breathe clean ocean air

experience silence

learn what it means to love yourself

expand your capacity for YES!

go home with exercises just for fun

Go home and expand your capacity for YES!

take home exercises to continue the opening

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Are you ready to know what it feels like to connect to your body in pleasure?


Do you want to feel pleasure or discover what pleases you?


Do you want to feel vibrant and excited about life?

Join us! The tribe calls!

Women together create a greater reality.

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Every REC Retreats event is all-inclusive:

  • delicious, locally-sourced meals and snacks

  • dinner at the historic Beach Store Café on the island

  • two nights deluxe accommodations at REC Retreats

  • activities and expert instruction

  • materials and equipment

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COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION: Participants are asked to bring an item from the Beach School Wish List (on Lummi Island). Please note, modest donations are most welcome! This is not about quantity so much as it is about reinforcing the idea that we are here to care for one another. 

Participants share a room with 1-3 other people.  Prefer some privacy? Reserve one of the two private rooms ahead of time. 

  • The deluxe Mt. Baker Room has a king bed, fireplace, balcony, 32" tv and a stunning view of the sunrise over the mountains. +$150

  • The cozy Writer’s Room has a full-size antique brass bed and oak rocker. There is a built-in desk if you hope to do some journaling during your retreat. +$115

Cultivating your YES!
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Thanks in advance! By registering, you are agreeing to bring an item from the Beach School "wish list". Beach School is an International Baccalaureate school and serves approximately 40 students, kindergarten through fifth grade. The wish list will be provided upon registration.