Here is info from SquareSpace Support Regarding Commerce support around issues of event management. I think in the long run Acuity is a good option but if you read closely they gave lots of workaround tips.

At this time if you're selling events from your site and specific booking slots for those events, there is no way to set a limit to the slots or products offered within Squarespace's Products or Products Pages (other than by creating an item for each room and day and limiting the quantity to 1). However, we just started offering a great integration with Acuity scheduling that should help manage events and event bookings, like an event that occupies a room.

The Acuity Block allows you to display a bookable calendar on your site that visitors can use to view your available dates, book them, and pay for appointments.

For more on setting up and using the Acuity Block, see our guide here:

You'll have to subscribe to Acuity's subscription, which is an added cost. But this service and the Acuity Block added to your site will absolutely help ensure that events will not double-book the same room. So, I hope this helps with a solution worth checking out.

With that said, I'm absolutely happy to outline what I've seen other users do to offer booked events and time slots using the features available before the Acuity Block. I believe that the product offered that involves room booking is the product found on this page:

Is that correct? If so, one suggestion I have seen is for users to add product variants to a product they offer. The variant is created using a date of the booking in its titles. To add a variant, double click the product on the Products Page, then select the Pricing & Variants tab.

Click the '+' sign to create a new product variant and enter different options, like "date and time". I made a quick video of how to try this out that I'll link here:

We then have a guide on creating variants with a single set of options here:

If you'd like to create variants with multiple options, like "date and time" and "room", you'll need to create a variant for each combination you offer. For help with this, visit our guide on creating complex variants:

You can create links from the Events Page to these products, if you'd like as well--it looks like you have this step of the process figured out. As dates pass, expire, or fill up, you can then remove the variant from the product and add new ones as needed.

I hope this suggests a possible workaround to use the features included within our Squarespace Commerce Platform (without integrating a 3rd-party subscription) to sell events that have limited bookings and availability. Please feel free to follow up anytime you have more questions about your site or the suggested workaround.

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