You will be surprised to learn that although you are leading the retreat, it's a retreat for you too! You will be collaborating with Kjerstin prior to your event, so during your retreat, Kjerstin will be able to anticipate and meet your needs as well as those of every participant. Dedicated to your success, Kjerstin will be on-site during the entire retreat, setting up & cleaning up all meals & snacks, helping you transition between activities, running unexpected on-island errands and doing whatever is needed for the smooth delivery of a magical event. Whenever possible, Kjerstin joins your activities so there is an uninterrupted sense of a inclusive community (one of the tenets of REC Retreats.) 

Kjerstin's services include an initial custom consultation, focused marketing, catering coordination, 100% on-site presence during the event, and special, personal touches galore.

Your job is to do what you do best - teach, lead, facilitate. Kjerstin's job is to do the rest. You really will be relaxing during your retreat! 

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Kjerstin ...

... is a nurturer: she taught elementary school for 17 years, still regularly volunteers for organizations serving youth and adults, and is an active member of the Lummi Island community. She lovingly brings this nurturing spirit to those attending events at REC Retreats.


What former retreat event leaders have to say:

"Everyone had a fabulous time at the retreat at your beautiful space. I see how much time and energy you have put into the place, and it sure pays off, when people are enjoying being there and able to unwind and truly relax."

-  Bridget Boylan

"I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kjerstin on several workshops.  I have been leading retreats and workshops for many years and I have to say with all honesty that working with Kjerstin has been all joy.  From the moment I had a first getting to know you meeting I felt immediately comfortable, like I had known her for years.  I love the integrity she has with her Retreat Center and I appreciate how she cares for her clients.  Whether we met face to face or discussed topics via email she was always ahead of the game and well prepared for any question I may have. I teach writing workshops and my goal is to always create a safe and nurturing atmosphere and Kjerstin and the REC Retreat Center provides all of that.  I loved having Kjerstin participate in my workshops and share with the others during the workshops, I know that added to the level of intimacy that we all shared.  The warmth of the center and the little touches have made my workshops even better than I could have imagined.  The meals prepared were delicious and beautifully presented.  It is nice that I know when I do a retreat with Kjerstin I can just show up and teach and not have to worry about the particulars.  I can recommend Kjerstin and RECretreats with no hesitation.  I look forward to working with Kjerstin for many years.  I lead retreats all over the world, but there is something so sweet about coming to Lummi Island and teaching at RECretreats!"

- Tammy Coia