You will be surprised to learn that although you are leading the retreat, it's a retreat for you too! You will be collaborating with Kjerstin prior to your event, so during your retreat, Kjerstin will be able to anticipate and meet your needs as well as those of every participant. Dedicated to your success, Kjerstin will be on-site during the entire retreat, setting up & cleaning up all meals & snacks, helping you transition between activities, running unexpected on-island errands and doing whatever is needed for the smooth delivery of a magical event. Whenever possible, Kjerstin joins your activities so there is an uninterrupted sense of a inclusive community (one of the tenets of REC Retreats.) 

Kjerstin's services include an initial custom consultation, focused marketing, catering coordination, 100% on-site presence during the event, and special, personal touches galore.

Your job is to do what you do best - teach, lead, facilitate. Kjerstin's job is to do the rest. You really will be relaxing during your retreat! 

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Kjerstin ...

... is a nurturer: she taught elementary school for 17 years, still regularly volunteers for organizations serving youth and adults, and is an active member of the Lummi Island community. She lovingly brings this nurturing spirit to those attending events at REC Retreats.