If you are visiting Lummi Island for a few days, or are lucky enough to spend a week here, you will have time to participate in REC Retreats À la Carte Learning. Enhance your visit to the Island and schedule a class for yourself, or share some special time and a unique experience with your family and friends. Explore hidden spots on the island, create Lummi Island keepsakes, XXXXXX.  No matter which class you choose, you will go home with fresh experiences and new skills! 

Browse the class selections below, then contact Kjerstin to set up a session that works with your vacation schedule. (It is best to make arrangements ahead of time, but in some cases, same-day scheduling may be possible.) All classes are dependent upon instructor availability, so please arrange the class time before registering below. Prices are per person. 

Lummi-Local learning...

These special (and in some cases, seasonal) classes take advantage of Lummi Island's natural resources, allowing you to celebrate her riches, and providing you with an opportunity to explore Lummi Island in-depth. Take home memories and a Lummi treasure, too. 

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Lavender wreaths Lavender wands

Three Pheasant Farm on Tuttle Lane has a spectacular lavender field, and when the lavender is in season, it presents an amazing sensory experience. The “photo op” is worth the trip alone: the huge lavender field is in the foreground, with Orcas Island and the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the background. Pick your own lavender bundles, bring them to REC Retreats and create a wreath or wand with your harvest.

2 hours $65/person

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Learn to can blackberry jam

Have you ever been curious about canning? Making fruit or berry jam is an easy place to start. Come to REC Retreats to watch this canning demonstration, receive some secret berry picking location tips, then go pick your own island blackberries to make jam at home! (Canning supplies available for sale during the class.)

75 minutes  $40/person

Optimized-flower arranging.jpg

Flower arranging

Explore the gardens at XXX name of farm. The talented Anne Treat will help you select flowers  and will ....

75 minutes $xx/person

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beach rock mandalas

This easy, meditative art form starts with a rock you find on one of the island beaches. The rest of the materials and equipment are provided for you at REC Retreats. Sit in the sun, gaze at Mt. Baker and the Canadian Cascade Mountain range, enjoy the breeze, relax with lemonade or ice tea, listen to the birds, paint and zen out. (This can be addictive - paint available for sale after the class.)

75 - 90 minutes  $40

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tea cup raku

Lynn Dee is a Lummi Island clay artist specializing in the Raku firing process. This the ancient Japanese method gives the surface of the clay a dark smoky look, creates metallic surface effects and produces interesting crackle patterns in clear and colorful glazes. Join Lynn at her studio and participate in this dramatic, amazing process - glaze a tea cup (provided) using raku. Click here to learn more about Lynn Dee.

2 hours $50/person

beach treasure art journal.JPG

beach treasure art journal

A beachcomber's dream come true! Pick up pebbles, driftwood, dried kelp, and shells and bring them to REC Retreats. Here you will construct a small blank book, affixing your treasures to the binding to create a one-of-a-kind journal - perfect for a trip diary, or to display photos of your adventure to Lummi Island. The product is a beautiful, professional-looking book that makes a great gift.

75 - 90 minutes $50

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Felted soap beach rocks

This simple, but slightly messy, project produces a wool-wrapped bar of soap that resembles one of the many beautiful Lummi Island beach rocks. The wool serves as an exfoliator and keeps the bar from getting slippery (or slimy). REC Retreats supplies all of the materials for 2 bars of soap. Feel free to explore the island beaches for inspiration! 

75 - 90 minutes $45

Get out, get active...

Summer is a gorgeous time on the island, with clear skies, a warm sun, long days and gentle ocean breezes. As you explore the island, you might spot orca whales swimming off Village Point, or bald eagles patrolling the skies, or deer making themselves right at home (anywhere - truly!) If you prefer to spend your time outside or on the move, one of the activities below might be perfect for you.

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Digital Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a scavenger hunt that gives you an opportunity to explore Lummi Island like you might not otherwise. Use your own iPhone or iPad to discover Lummi Island while following maps, taking pictures, solving word puzzles, playing brain games, challenging your spatial awareness, and lots more! This activity is perfect for ALL ages. Android devices are not yet compatible with this digital scavenger hunt (hopefully soon!)


yoga at sunrise.jpg


Anne Treat discovered the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga over 20 years ago, and benefits from the empowering transformations a consistent yoga practice offers. An active outdoor life, coupled with a committed meditation practice, drew her towards Ashtanga and Power Vinyasa yoga styles, and she is RYT-200 certified through Power Yoga Academy. While physically rigorous, Anne’s classes also maintain focus on the subtle spiritual teachings of yoga, and the nourishing union of breath and focus. Her intention in teaching is to support students in deepening their practice—both on and off the mat. (adults only)

90 minutes  

$75/individual or $120/group up to 4 participants

bike on beach jpeg.jpg

Explore by bike

REC Retreats is pleased to partner with Lummi Island Concierge - they have 23-speed cruisers and Diamond frame bicycles for rent right here on the island. Please contact Lummi Island Concierge directly for rental information. Email for advance reservations: jackie@lummiconcierge.com 

Please text for same-day rental: 360.201.9351.


Family Campfire

Just bring yourselves - the campfire will be crackling when you arrive. Settle into the REC Retreats Adirondack chairs for an old-fashioned fun evening. Gourmet s’more ingredients are provided (feel free to bring your own hot dogs and use our roasting sticks.) Play yard games or sing around the fire. You can borrow a guitar (if you play) or karaoke box (if you don’t.) Request a complimentary “kid kit” - it includes glow sticks, sidewalk chalk, a treasure hunt & campfire stories (both scary and safe - there are stories for all ages!)

7 - 9 pm  $140/group up to 8


At REC Retreats, you will frequently hear us say, "It is all about the process, not the product." Our mantra is a spin-off from Ralph Waldo Emerson's famous quote, "Life is a journey, not a destination."  Translation: the outcome of whatever you are doing is less important than the experiences you gain along the way. REC Retreats provides opportunities for you to gain "experiences along the way." We let you explore the equipment and materials; we encourage you to experiment and play. We don't want you to worry about how your project turns out, we want you to take joy from the process of creating. Come play with us...

paper making.png

Paper making for beginners

This introductory class is for those who have little to no experience making paper. We will be using simple tools and equipment that will be easy and inexpensive for you to duplicate at home if you want to keep practicing your paper making skills.

1.5 hours $45/ person

metal stamping.png

Metal stamping

Metal stamping is popular and easy to learn (it takes a little practice to perfect, but that's part of the fun!)  Are you curious to find out if you would love this trendy art form? Before investing in equipment, experiment with the supplies at REC Retreats to create plant labels, necklace pendants, key chain “fobs”, charms and more! Jewelry chains and other findings (wire, clasps, hoops, and connectors) are supplied so you can wear your artwork home.

1 hour $30/person 

mad science for families...

Make your concoction (and your mess) at REC Retreats. Take the bubbles/slime/sand/playdough with you so the kids can stay busy and happy while you relax - it's a vacation for everyone that way. We will share the recipes, instructions and ingredient sources so you can make more when you get home! 

  • Sessions are 75 minutes long.
  • Customize your experience: select two of the activities below. 
  • Children must be supervised by an adult. 
  • $40/child (additional $20 materials fee applies if supervising adult participates - payable at time of class)
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Bodacious Bubbles

5+  Create a giant bubble wand - some of the bubbles will be larger than the bubble makers themselves! Mix up the best bubble solution ever. Run through the field at REC Retreats and send your bubble flying towards Mt. Baker. Take home a bottle of the secret recipe bubble solution, the giant bubble wand and some great photos.

magnetic slime.png

Magnetic Slime

6+ Most people are familiar with the malleable marvel called “slime”. Few people know how to make it magnetic. Mix up the mess at REC Retreats and make it magically move using magnets. Take home your own jar of slime and a set of magnets. This class is suitable only for children who are old enough to keep the magnets out of their mouths and away from electronics like cell phones. (There is an additional $5 materials charge for this class - payable at time of class.)

watercolors and salt.png

Salted Watercolors

2+ This class is all about the process, not the product. (However, the product is usually worthy of framing.) Watching the paint react with the salt is entertaining for even the youngest of artists.

heat sensitive slime.png

Heat Sensitive Slime

4+ This slime gets its color-changing super powers from thermochromic pigment. What is thermochronic pigment, you ask? Come to the class and find out! Similar to mood rings, this slime will change colors with temperature changes. Take home your slime and amaze your friends!

kinetic sand.png

Kinetic sand 

4+ This mixture has a fascinating texture: it feels dry and moist at the same time, if such a thing is possible! Kinetic sand can be molded with pressure, but also breaks apart easily. We will put your kinetic sand in a dishpan, and you will have a colorful, take-home sand box. This is made with real sand, so this class is not for children who will try to eat it. (Keep reading for the edible option!) 

Optimized-toddler dough.jpg

Little Folk Dough

2+ While this dough is meant for molding and manipulating, the ingredients in this play dough are completely safe and edible for young children who can’t resist sampling their wares. There are two formulas to choose from.

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